Salute to barney kessel 


This band celebrates a legend of Jazz guitar, a figure considered to be a pioneer of bebop guitar and to some people the greatest guitarist of all time: Barney Kessel.

Born in Oklahoma on October 17th 1923, Kessel picked up the guitar aged 12, started playing professionally at the age of 14 and then soon after moved to LA. As well as a very accomplished improviser and accompianist Kessel went on to study classical guitar, piano, orchestration and film scoring.

Having gained experience playing in groups with horn players such as Artie Shaw, Benny Goodman, Harry Sweets Edison and Buddy Defranco, Kessel's earliest releases as a leader show him orchestrating with flute and oboe in small groups. On his next recording efforts such as 'Carmen', 'To Swing Or Not To Swing', 'Music To Listen To Barney Kessel By' and 'Some Like It Hot' his voice as an improviser and instrumentalist have more fully developed allowing him to exhibit his talents for arranging and orchestration. These albums see him arranging for clarinet, bass clarinet, oboe, flute, alto and tenor saxophones, trumpet, trombone and even bassoon. 

It is with these records in my ears that I have been inspired to score and perform some of these wonderful arrangements with this tribute to him, so that this wonderful musicians work will live on at a concert near you!