Wilderness Festival by Harry Sankey

I had a total blast at Wilderness Festival, great weather, great music, a beautiful setting and a really fun gig with Natty Congeroo and The Flames of Rhythm. Here is a video of our gig at Wilderness:

Yardbird Suite Tal Farlow transcription by Harry Sankey

Here are the first two choruses of Tal Farlows solo on 'Yardbird Suite', this is about half the pace he recorded it at I'm working towards nailing it at that tempo. It's proven to be very tricky to play and also to work out how Tal may have played it which has forced me to locate the best fingering and positioning for myself some of which have been very unusual shifts and finger placements. I should also point out the blowing on this version are over slightly different changes to Yardbird Suite. Here is a PDF you can download:

Barney Kessel and Django by Harry Sankey

Here is a cool pic I found of two of my heroes, on the left Django Reinhardt and on the right a very young Barney Kessel. I started off listening to these guys on a CD a neighbour gave me which I still have called 'Jazz Guitar'. It also featured Wes Montgomery, Charlie Byrd and Joe Pass.  Nice to know that Barney and Django met, I'm sure they admired each other greatly, and I certainly admire them both. 

Love Supreme Festival by Harry Sankey

It was my great pleasure to play at Love Supreme Festival with my featuring Peter Adam Hill on the drums and Nigel Thomas on the Double Bass, thanks to Jack Kendon for inviting us down. We were playing the music and arrangements of Barney Kessel and the Poll Winners and a few originals and others chucked in to boot! Really great weather, luckily we didn't need to huddle in the hospitable backstage area once:

Pro junior and cathedral reverb by Harry Sankey

— Dave Piggot

Here's my rig at The Grape and Grain in Crystal Palace with my 7 string Eastman guitar. Ready to get growly!

I was on the receiving end of this quote when I questioned Mr Piggot about the break up of different brands of valves...

Broken Pickup by Harry Sankey

I dropped my guitar at a gig in London after a heavy weekend playing at Wilderness Festival and unfortunately the pickup snapped in half... I know? So after taking to it with some araldite it does seem to be ok now. I also had to glue a piece of the binding back onto the fingerboard and re-glue a ebony block which was attached to the ebony fingerrest. I'm back on the road!

Electro-harmonix Cathedral Stereo Reverb by Harry Sankey

I have been trying out this pedal the Electro-harmonix 'Cathedral', which is a stereo reverb. I'm simply using it to emulate a spring reverb although it's capable of many more tricks than this. It's sounds awesome and it's interesting to have the option of using two amps with the stereo out feature. It's my first foray into outboard gadgets for a long time, I can see why people get so into it!